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Riga Commercial Port (RTO) objective is to accommodate, develop and secure Eurasia freight flows, by providing an efficient and sustainable infrastructure in Riga port with flexible and integrated - domestic and international, transport solutions and services.

Main RTO business development milestones for 2009-2020:

  • Continue the consolidation process of port and transport service related company assets in Riga port;
  • Diversify and develop general cargo segment and services associated with it, and increase RTO cargo throughput stake in Riga port; streamline sea-rail interexchange capabilities at terminal and railway station areas;
  • Secure, build and launch new terminal infrastructure in Riga port; broaden the range of provided services and develop world class infrastructure facilities;
  • Become the largest port and transportation segment holding company in the Baltic States;
  • Seek new growth potentials and diversify into other areas of business development.

RTO vision is to build up the largest independent transport enterprise in the Republic of Latvia