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Guest Access

Visitors to Riga Commercial Port (RTO) group of companies that are located at Eksporta Street 15 k-1 and Andrejostas Street 15, are required to obtain a single entry access pass to the port territory. The following information outines the procedure how to obtain a guest pass to RTO. 

1. To make an appointment for a visit to Riga Commercial Port (RTO) representatives, please call RTO Office Administrator on (371) 6732 9816, weekdays from 8.00-17.00.

2. Office Administrator will connect you with the responsible employee to clarify the possible date and time of the visit.

3. A single guest access pass must be obtained from the Security Pass office at main gate of the Eksporta Street 15 k-1. Guest must provide a valid personal identification document and vehicle registry certificate.  

4. Security personnel shall then inform about the driving restrictions in the territory, and provide instructions on how to find the Office Administration building.

5. After the appointment the single access pass must be submitted to the Office Administrator, who will make a mark on it with the conclusion of the visit.

6. Upon the receipt of the marked security pass, the visitor must immediately leave the territory, and return the security pass to the Security Gate personnel when exiting the territory. 

How to Find RTO