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LLC Riga fertilizer terminal has started construction of the most advanced fertilizer terminal in Northern Europe

LLC RIGA FERTILIZER TERMINAL (RFT) has obtained positive opinions from all required governmental institutions and experts and is planning to build the most advanced and safe fertilizer handling and temporary storage terminal in Northern Europe in Kundziņsala, within the territory of the Riga Port, by the beginning of 2014. The planned handling capacity of the terminal is 2 million tons of cargo annually.

RFT has received positive opinion on construction of the terminal from the Environment State Bureau (ESB), the State Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), Lielrīga regional environment authority as well as from the Riga City Council City Development Department. Export, handling and storage of agricultural fertilizers are strictly regulated by international laws.

Roberts Kļaviņš, the RFT Board Member, emphasizes: We have been making serious effort for successful development of this project for almost two years and the permit for construction of fertilizer handling terminal has been obtained as a result. The investment planned for this project reaches 45 million Euros with a large part of it being invested into advanced cargo handling and storage technologies which are environmentally safe and internationally recognised. The project will be implemented by two companies which are already operating professionally in the field of transport and logistics: Russian JSC URALHIM and Latvian LLC RĪGAS TIRDZNIECĪBAS OSTA (RTO). Internationally leading companies in construction of this type and similar types of structures will participate in the implementation of the project. The project will provide significant contribution to both the economy of Latvia and development of Riga Port.

The handling terminal will enable URALHIM to provide export products to international markets which are important for the company, and will provide significant volumes of cargo for Riga Port. Various kinds of fertilizers, including ammonium nitrate, have long been handled and stored in the ports of Riga as well as Tallinn and St. Petersburg. There are also such terminals in Europe, for example, in Antwerp and Rotterdam. Completely closed cargo handling and processing technologies will be ensured in the RFT terminal.

Approximately one third of fertilizers which will be handled and temporarily stored in the terminal will be ammonium saltpetre and stabilised ammonium saltpetre. It is widely used in agriculture in many countries, including Great Britain, France, Eastern European and Baltic countries as well as the USA and Latin American countries. Ammonium nitrate is also the main type of fertilizer which is used for agriculture in Latvia. The internationally recognised standards define ammonium nitrate as a substance with a low degree of danger. According to the UN regulations it is allowed to transport it by means of ordinary civil transport: in bulk in specialised fertilizer carriages and water-resistant packaging, also in open gondolas, which proves the low degree of danger of such cargos.

URALHIM is one of the biggest companies on the fertilizer market in the Russian Federation, CIS countries and Eastern Europe. For more information visit www.uralchem.com

RFT (RIGA FERTILIZER TERMINAL) was founded in November 2009 as a joint venture of the JSC URALHIM subsidiary URALCHEM FREIGHT LIMITED and the RTO (RĪGAS TIRDZNIECĪBAS OSTA). RTO is the leading investor, developer and operator of port terminal and transit service companies in Latvia. There are four business units within the RTO which provide port terminal services, railway cargo transportation, management of infrastructure and real property in the territory of the Riga Port. The total volume of cargo serviced by the RTO companies reached 13.15 million tons in 2010.