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RTO Komunalserviss invests in new cleaning equipment: Johnston VT650

Limited Liability Company RTO Komunalserviss (RTO-K) has purchased a multifunctional cleaning machine Johnston VT650. With this investment RTO-K seeks to continue to modernize its cleaning equipment fleet and to introduce new and innovative solutions that are based on modern and advanced cleaning technologies.

The new machine is expected to significantly improve the cleaning speed and quality, as well as to increase the general surface area cleaning capacity. Johnston VT650 as a multifunctional machine is ideally suited for cleaning all type of surface areas, such as roads, storage areas, quay side, warehouses and others.

The machine utilises the Sweeper system by combining dry and wet cleaning – all at once. The Sweeper system is equipped with a 3 metre dust vacuum hose that allows it to collect fallen leaves, light trash (paper, bottles, plastic bags and others) and other waste. The high pressure water cleaning function permits to wash unmovable items, such as the street signs, warehouse gates and building facades.

RTO-K management foresees that the most important added value from this investment is its capability to work with a large spectrum of waste, including very small items such as the coal dust, and thereby significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment at the terminal area. This functional flexibility will allow the company to strengthen the service quality provided at terminal and to offer new services to external clients. RTO-K is the largest client of Riga Central Terminal provides services in compliance with Environment pollution standards (category B).

Prepared by: Marketing and Public Relations division, RTO

~4000 m2/hour
Operational speed:
5-7 km/hour
Cleaning width:
3,4 m
Bunker capacity:
7 m3