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Case Studies

In 2008, RTO participated in the realisation of the first demonstration container block train from the People's Republic of China to the European Union. The train was dispatched from Urumqi station in Western China and travelled 6,000 km in 8 days to reach the Riga Central Terminal (RCT).
In 2008, RTO entered into strategic partnership cooperation for providing transshipment capabilities in handling large volumes of container block trains arriving from Kazakhstan with on-going short-sea connection to European ports.
ZEEBRUGGE 13/10/08 - E.T.A RIGA 18/10/08: 798 units of PEUGEOT 308 cars bound for the Russian market were discharged from a car-carrier at the Riga Central Terminal (RCT).
China train.JPG
Pelander 17.10.2008 (15).JPG