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Case Studies

China - Europe Container Block Train

In 2008, RTO participated in the realisation of the first demonstration container  block train from the People's Republic of China to the European Union. The train was dispatched from Urumqi station in Western China and travelled 6,000 km in 8 days to reach the Riga Central Terminal (RCT)

The project was implemented in close cooperation among the Railway Administrations of China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Latvia. Riga Central Terminal (RCT) was the only suitable terminal facility in the Baltic States able to accommodate a complete dedicated block container train.

Project Timeline (26.04-08.05.2008):

26.04.2008: Train departure from China
06.05.2008: Block train with containers arrives at the RCT

All container platforms were immediately delivered to the unloading area of the RCT. The following terminal operations were commenced and processed simultaneously:

1. Transit customs clearance

2. Lift off 96 containers from platforms in 4 hours

3. Stuffing 72 railway containers –> 72 line containers (A.P. MAERSK LINE) in 18 hours

4. Stuffing 1 railway container –> 1 DB SCHENKER truck in 0.5 hours

5. Internal port transportation of containers (haulage) to loading berth in 2 days

07.05.2008: Containers were ready for loading on to the vessel
08.05.2008: DB Schenker truck arrived in the warehouse in Hamburg, Germany

China train.JPG