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Baltijas tranzīta serviss

The joint stock company Baltijas Tranzita Serviss (BTS) is the largest private railway operating company in the Republic of Latvia. With its own fleet of locomotives, BTS is self-sufficient and thus can provide railway shunting and traction services between the major railway stations and the sea port terminals of Riga and Ventspils.

In 2018, BTS handled 8.1 million tons of cargo with total revenues exceeding 50.6 million EUR. As of 2007, RTO is the majority shareholder of BTS owning 72.58% of its shares.

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Ivars Sormulis

Chairman of the Board




Contact Information:


Andrejostas street 41, Riga

LV - 1045, Latvia

Tel: (371) 6723 3633

Fax: (371) 6770 4222