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Riga Fertilizer Terminal

Riga Fertilizer Terminal LLC (RFT) is a joint venture founded by by Riga Commercial Port LLC (RTO) and Uralchem Freight Limited, a daughter enterprise of OJSC Uralchem. Northern Europe’s most advanced and safest terminal for mineral fertilizer transhipment and short-term storage was launched at the end of 2013. The preparatory infrastructure works on the terminal site were commenced in 2011.

The terminal has been designed and constructed within the framework of a joint project by URALCHEM and RTO. The agreement between the companies was signed in 2009. The total investment exceeds 60 million Euros, the majority of which is directed towards environment-friendly, internationally recognized and advanced transhipment and storage technologies. In the first phase of the terminal development, the annual capacity is 2 million tons. 

The project was implemented with the involvement of the world’s leading companies in terminal construction and similar types of structures. 

The shares in the joint venture are divided between the founding companies as follows: RTO owns 49 %, URALCHEM FREIGHT LIMITED – 51 %.

URALCHEM is one of the largest companies in the mineral fertilizer markets of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. For company details, visit www.uralchem.com.

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