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Rigas Ostas Elevators

The joint stock company Rigas ostas elevators (ROE) is the only specialised terminal facility for grain handling and storage in the port of Riga. The main services of ROE include grain and oilseed transshipment to and from vessels, rail wagons and heavy vehicles, and also storage, disinfection, grain containerization.

ROE provides a maximum storage capacity of 45,000 tons 

ROE quality policy is to maintain and preserve the competitiveness of ROE among the stevedore companies in Riga and the Baltics. Taking into account the wishes of out clients, we expand the range of loaded cargo and provide services conducted by loyal, highly professional employees.

In 2018, ROE handled 0,282 million tons of cargo with total revenues exceeding 1,74 million Euro (operating results). As of 2007, RTO owns 95.51% shares in ROE.

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